Volunteer’s Role

The CASA concept is based on the commitment that every child has a right to a safe, permanent home.  When a judge appoints a CASA volunteer to a child’s case, the volunteer becomes an official part of the judicial proceedings, working alongside attorneys and social workers as an appointed officer of the court.  Unlike attorneys and social workers; however, the CASA volunteer speaks exclusively for the child’s best interests.

By handling only one or two cases at a time (compared to a Division of Family and Children Services caseworker’s average load of 30), the CASA volunteer has the time to thoroughly explore the history of each assigned case.  The volunteer talks with the child, parents and family members, neighbors, school officials, doctors, and others involved in the child’s background who might have facts about the case.  The volunteer then submits a formal report to the judge offering his or her recommendation(s) that will render positive outcomes in the child’s best interest.  These recommendations will include factors based on whether the child returns home to his or her parents, is placed in foster care, or is placed in the adoption process.  If the court leaves the child in temporary care, the CASA volunteer provides continuity by staying on the case until it is permanently resolved.

The ultimate goal of CASA is to ensure every child has a safe, nurturing, permanent home as quickly as possible by:

1. Advocating for a child from the beginning of the case until placement in a safe, permanent home;
2. Attending all legal proceedings;
3. Assessing all of the facts of the case; and
4. Making recommendations in the child’s best interest.

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